KidSpace is our ministry to children from birth through 2nd grade.  KidSpace partners with parents to point their child to Jesus Christ.


What We Value

We believe children are a gift from God (Psalm 127:3-5) and are to be cherished, guided, and loved to the glory of God. Jesus affirmed their worth and value when he commanded his followers to let the children come to him because they can enter the Kingdom of God (Matthew 19:13-15). We also believe that the best environment for our children to learn and grow into the fullness of God is inside the home where parents are talking, teaching, and training their children about who God is and what he has done in order to shape who their children are and what they do (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). As a church, our goal is to walk alongside and equip parents to fulfill this Godly role in the life of their family.


What We Provide

In order to best help your child know more about Jesus Christ we provide a couple of resources.  One is our KidSpace program during our Sunday Gathering.  This is a program for children from birth through second grade where they journey through the Bible in 4 years using the Treasuring Christ curriculum.   


Additionally we provide other resources, located at our KidSpace check-in booth, to equip you as the parent or guardian to guide your child at home to learn more about Jesus Christ.  Feel free to ask one of our KidSpace volunteers for more information.  


What To Expect

Our goal in KidSpace is threefold: to keep your child safe, to equip parents to be the primary teacher of their children, and to teach Biblical truths to children.  In order to accomplish this goal there are a few things you should know.


KidSpace check-in begins at 30 minutes prior to the Sunday Gathering.  


Guests will directed towards the KidSpace check-in booth located in the fellowship hall.  First time guests will be asked to provide contact information for themselves and other information for their child such as allergies so we can ensure the safety of your child.  At this point, one of our approved and fully background checked volunteers will check your child into our computer system and print a name tag with an alpha-numeric code that will be placed on your child's back.  Another name tag will be printed for you as the parent.  Please keep this name tag throughout the service as you will need it in order to pick up your child.  After the check-in is complete, your child will be escorted to the KidSpace room where there will be 2-3 approved and fully background checked adults supervising.  During this time they will be allowed to play until the start of our Sunday Gathering.  


Once our Sunday Gathering begins, our kids will be separated into two groups: 4 years and older and under 4 years.  Those 4 years and older will be gathered to sing, hear from God's word, do a craft or activity, and learn a memory verse to further emphasize the lesson.  Those under 4 years old will be allowed to play while a Bible story is read over them and they are prayed for by our volunteers.  


After the sermon, there will be a moment of silent reflection in which parents are able to pick-up their child from the KidSpace program.  Simply return to the KidSpace check-in booth and present your child's name tag in order to check your out of KidSpace so they may join you in the Sunday Gathering as we sing our praises to God.  If you would like, you are able to leave your child in our KidSpace program until the end of the Sunday Gathering, at which point you will be able to return to the KidSpace check-in booth, present your child's name tag, and check your child out of KidSpace.  

If there are any medical or behavioral issues, one of our volunteers will use the KidSpace check-in system to send you a text message during the service.  This alerts you, as the parent, that your assistance is needed at the KidSpace check-in booth.  


Note: At no point are unauthorized adults allowed beyond the KidSpace check-in booth.  


Can My Child Join Me in the Service?

Yes they can!  We really do value families worshipping and learning more about Jesus Christ together.  So at any point you are more than welcome to have your child join us for the Sunday Gathering.  We know that it might be a bit hectic, be that's okay.  No need to feel embarrassed.  We are just glad you joined us.  


MidWeek Activities

With so many different activities that fill the schedule it can be hard for families to find time together. Thus we value families learning and growing in their relationship with Jesus together.  In light of this, we filter all of our children's programming into our Missional Communities so our families can enjoy more time together, growing and knowing Jesus Christ.  For more information visit our page on Missional Communities.


For more information check out our policies and procedures.