Missional Communities

A family of missionary servants who demonstrate and declare the good news of Jesus Christ in the "everyday stuff" of life.

Sunbury City Church exists to glorify God by making disciples who love God, live the Gospel, embrace our community, and plant movements. This is our mission in order to make God-glorifying disciples of all nations in response to Jesus' command found in Matthew 28:18-20. Our primary method to walk in obedience to Jesus' command and fulfill the mission God calls us to in scripture is through missional communities.  


What is a Missional Community (MC)?

A Missional Community is a group of 8-12 adults of all ages, plus kids, who commit together to gather regularly throughout the week in order to help one another grow in their love for God, in living the gospel, in embracing our community, and in planting new movements.  Together they devote themselves to learn how to love one another as a family, serve one another and the larger community, and share the good news of Jesus Christ as missionaries.  Their goal is to see not yet Christians believe in Jesus Christ, Christians grow in their love and obedience to Jesus Christ, and new missional communities started, all in an effort to enjoy God and bring glory to Him.  


Each Missional Community identifies an area of their community or a network of relationships in which they feel sent by God to demonstrate and declare the love of Jesus Christ with them.  This could be a street, a neighborhood, a fire company, a school, or even a workplace.  No matter the place we want to see Jesus Christ known everywhere we go.  


What Do Missional Communities Do?

Each Missional Community is different and tailored to the members of the Missional Community.  An approved leader seeks to help the Missional Community grow in its love for one another within the Missional Community, while shepherding the members into Christian maturity, and equipping them to share the love of Christ to the chosen community or network they are sent to.  Typically as the Missional Community gathers there will be a time of fellowship over a meal or snacks in order to build community among its members and where life can be shared with one another.  After this, there will be teaching from God's word or other approved material on the Christian faith that is applicable to the life of the Missional Community. There will also be a time to share prayer requests and announcements with one another.  Lastly, the Missional Community will spend time talking about how to love the people God has sent them to.  The goal is to form each person into a well rounded disciple of Jesus Christ.  


What About My Kids?

Great question!  We view kids as playing such a vital role now in our families and for the future, we incorporate children of all ages into our Missional Communities as we seek to grow in loving God and embracing our community.  Thus each Missional Community decides together the best way to invest in our children and incorporate them into the fuller life of the church, which often includes having a separate lesson for them or including them into our larger Missional Community gathering.


How Do I Join A Missional Community?

There are a few ways you can join a Missional Community.  The first is that you can be invited into a Missional Community by one of its members.  They may invite you to an event or even the regular gather of the Missional Community.  Either way is fine with us. 


The second is that you can grab a connect card from the information table at our Sunday Gathering, fill that out, and place it in the offering directly following the sermon.  Within a week, a leader will contact you to set up a time to meet and share with you the different Missional Community opportunities that are available.  


Lastly, you can fill out our contact form indicating your interest in a Missional Community.  One of our leaders will contact you to set up a time to meet and share with you the different Missional Community opportunities that are available. 


Anything else I need to know about Missional Communities?

No Missional Community is perfect because it is comprised of messy people with messy lives in need of a perfect savior, Jesus Christ. But we know that humans were created for community, to reflect the community that exists in the triune God, and it is only in a broken community committed to bringing God glory that we can and will grow in Christlikeness. And it is only in a community that is committed to seeing the larger community, through service and celebration, renewed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that we will begin to experience firsthand the life transforming power of the Gospel, and see the power of God at work in the world, just like the early church.  Thus each Missional Community is committed to portraying and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ regularly to each other and to a specific area of our community around us.  It is through Missional Community that Sunbury City Church invests and serves the larger community around us.