Family Discipleship

Going Deeper

Have you wondered how you can help your family push deeper into being more like Christ? Sunbury City Church is here to equip you and your family to grow deeper into family discipleship. With these resources you will find multiple avenues where you can engage all ages that are in the home. Feel free to use these resources for the building of your family to grow in the Gospel. 

If there is anything Sunbury City Church can do to help your family grow in discipleship please feel free to contact us here.

KidSpace Lessons

Here are our KidSpace lessons where you can watch with your family to grow deeper in the Gospel!

Click here to see a list of KidSpace videos for your family!

Gather. Grow. Go.

Here is a video series where we push deeper into, Gathering as Family. Growing as Servants. Going as Missionaries. Each video will address a unique way how you and your family can grow to be more like Christ, whether in the home or in the local church. 

Click here to see the video series Gather. Grow. Go.

Family Discipleship Guide

Here is a simple and fun family discipleship guide where you and your family can begin to create gospel rhythms in the home where you are constantly pushing one another to be more like Christ. This guide will highlight three areas: Reading the Bible together, Paying together, and Singing together.

Family Discipleship Guide